The Gary Project 2014

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The Gary Project 2014

“What Snow Patrol would have given for the advice of professionals, the space to rehearse, a place to hang out and listen to music and meet people that might one day change your life!”

Gary Lightbody, 2007*


Join other Snow Patrol fans in creating a very special birthday gift for Gary Lightbody. Our goal is to raise £1000 for Oh Yeah Music Centre in Belfast.

It is a simple idea – we want to thank Gary for everything he does for us by supporting a project we all know to be near and dear to his heart. Gary is a founding member of Oh Yeah’s board of directors and currently serves as honorary board president. In 2012, Gary donated Snow Patrol’s fee for headline Bushmils Live to Oh Yeah resulting in the creation of their rooftop performance space.

As Belfast’s first dedicated music centre, Oh Yeah’s mission is to help develop and sustain musical talent and a music industry in Belfast. Oh Yeah is housed in a multi-use facility that includes a performance space, recording studio, exhibition space, song writing room, and other areas for working and socializing. Although there is a strong emphasis on programming for youth, Oh Yeah is a space for musicians and music fans of all ages.

Every donation, no matter the amount, is critical to our success and greatly appreciated. The power of this special gift comes from the combined efforts of many fans. We want as many people to participate as possible. This project is not about those of us coordinating it – it is about Gary, Oh Yeah Centre, and the power of Snow Patrol fans to make a positive impact.

Last year we were able meet our goal and raised over £1300 for our charity, Alive & Kicking UK. Please help us meet our goal this year and hopefully bring one of those beautiful smiles to Gary’s face.

“I’m in awe of all who have helped build Oh Yeah, and so proud to be associated and involved. The Belfast music scene is the most flourishing, exciting, self-sufficient and dynamic new scene in the world and Oh Yeah is at its epicentre.”
Gary Lightbody, 2012**

How to Donate 

Thank you fans. We have raised over £370 as of May 26th!
To make a direct donation, in any amount, to our charity fundraiser in support of Oh Yeah visit our Virgin Money Giving site at The Gary Project 2014′s Fundraising Page.
UK donors remember to Gift Aid It and increase your donation. Gift Aid

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