Why We Love Gary

Joanna Jo - Why We Love Gary

This could take a while, but I will try to keep it simple.  How do you/can you be affected by a person when you’ve never even met them?  It takes a special person, that’s for sure.  I don’t think you’ll find much argument that Gary Lightbody has that effect on people.

I first learned of Snow Patrol when I heard a song by The Reindeer Section on a soundtrack.  Was captivated by a voice.  It was the beginning of a magical, emotional journey. Gary is quite simply a lyrical genius, with a voice that melts hearts.  His songs speak to me and all his fans.  He sings of love, loss and family.  These are all things we can relate to on a daily basis.  He speaks from his heart, and it shows. I love his passion when singing to his fans. He pulls you in and makes you feel the music, the love, the heartache.  His fans adore him, and it’s no wonder.  I’ve yet to hear from anyone or read about him being anything other than a true gent.  Charming, charismatic, light of heart, and able to laugh at himself.  He is available to his fans; posting tweets, willing to sign something or taking a photo.  Oh, and that killer smile doesn’t hurt either …

Gary is a busy man, never one to rest on his laurels!  He helps new artists find their way, collaborates with established musicians, does so much for others.  So of course I jumped at the opportunity to do something good in his name to help those less fortunate than me.  I have been blessed with a wonderful life and would never take it for granted. What better way to contribute and honour a person who means a lot to me.


Happy birthday good person.  Peace & penguins always, my dear!

-Jo  XX

Ellie Ellie – Why We Love Gary

It feels like the word love gets thrown around a lot. I have tried to value the power of the word and been reserved in saying “I love”.

Three years ago, I was involved in a series of accidents that resulted in permanent disabilities. I slowly distanced myself from friends and basically stopped participating in life. The few times I tried going out ended badly.  A nightmarish experience at a U2 show nearly ended 25 years of fandom.

Frustrated with my life and angry with myself for what I had become, I bought a ticket to see Snow Patrol play in Saint Paul on Halloween. I accepted the situation for what it was and took a ticket in the accessible seating.

I nearly didn’t go to the show.

Somewhere, somehow, I found the nerves and got in the car. I still had a mental list of reasons to go home: if traffic was too bad; if I couldn’t find accessible parking; if the weather suddenly turned bad; if someone bumped into me.

Everything went well and I made my way to my seat.

I admit that I felt uncomfortable being out and self-conscious about being in the accessible seating area. I stood up and slipped my coat on as soon as the show was over. I turned around at just the right moment to lock eyes with Gary Lightbody. Purely on instinct, I smiled and waved. He smiled and waved back.

Such a simple kindness but it woke me up.

I love Gary for that moment and all that have followed.


Ana Ana - Why We Love Gary

“It’s not easy to put into words why I love Gary Lightbody. So I’ll write the main reasons and start from the beginning. I’ll try to be succinct.

I got to know about Gary Lightbody through Snow Patrol’s music. “Run” was the first song that introduced me to Gary’s wonderful voice, many years back. Oddly enough or not, this song reminded me of “Stop crying your heart out” by Oasis. Oasis were one of my favourite bands then, so you can see the start of a great relationship. From then up to now, the passion by Snow Patrol’s music continued to grow stronger and stronger. This dedication made me research for more information about the band members and there he was, our Gary ‘captivating’ me.  I got to know his musical projects, that I sincerely love. The fact that he had a Tumblr and then a Twitter account, made me interact and feel a little closer too. Through it and all the interviews he has given, he comes across as being funny, good-hearted and, why not, charming as well. The live concerts show that he’s clearly a great frontman. I also find his words, through his song lyrics, beautiful. These lyrics describe beautiful feelings.

When I watch or read the news about the life conditions or lack of it that a lot of people in another continents face, it saddens me and makes me realize how fortunate I am for simply having a job and enough money for food, house and clean clothes, and being healthy. Every little helps, so if each one of us (fortunate people) donate a little of what we’ve got, it will make a BIG difference. Gary himself has helped in many charity causes. So why not helping Alive & Kicking?

I also believe that there’s no better gift we could give Gary for his birthday than knowing we’re making a difference. This is the best tribute that we can do in his name.

 For all the reasons above, I’m participating in this project – I’d really like to do something special for his birthday and show him how special I think he is. We all have our idols. He is one of my idols, as my sister and my mother are my idols too.”‘


Ana Val - Why We Love Gary

I was asked to write something about my love for Gary. It’s easy for me to understand why I love him, but not easy to explain.

To someone who’s not involved with Snow Patrol music, it may sound ridiculous for a grown up woman, wife and mum, to say a musician made a difference in her life. But he did, and I’m not ashamed to admit it.
I don’t think I have too much to say. Just that Gary’s voice and lyrics have been with me for the last two years, in many good times, and some of the hardest ones. The time and attention he spends with his fans makes me feel special. I believe each one of his fans feels the same.
Besides, he (and his band) brought me one thing I missed a lot: a bunch of passionate, funny, lovely and crazy friends, virtual and “real”, from all over the globe!
And I’m proud of being part of this fandom, and this beautiful project!